from by Swan Song



They never say when things change
It happens in a moment, point blank
I nearly missed the signs, they weren't so clear
Took too many chances now we're here

The night you left my arms is carved in stone
You sleep where you're sinning and you won't come home
What happened when you strayed, just please come out
You dropped the cross, you're in disguise and it's ending now

Just look me in the eyes
The autumn leaves they fell just like you fell away from me
Where have you gone, show me who you are
Have you been buried down six feet?
Cold not but just to the touch
Taking everything and hiding right beneath the lies that you create
Now its time to wake up
Admit you're getting weak

Why do you tell me those lies? Does the truth sound better in disguise?
You're speaking in tongues with teeth like knives
Im caught swimming against the tide
Closer than your veins it lurks within
Better lovers are the flames cause they lock you in
You're trapped in the fire and you must atone
Repent your sins, step off your throne



from Red Tide, released January 17, 2014



all rights reserved


Swan Song Greater Sudbury, Ontario

Three piece nocturnal rock band from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

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